On-page optimization and Off Page Optimization

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What is On-page optimization and Off Page Optimization?

On-page Optimization and off- page Optimization are a part of the Search Engine Optimization process to increase website traffic. There is a big difference between the two. Understanding these Optimization techniques is of vital importance if Search engine Optimization is the preferred tool for online promotion of business to create more website traffic.

You should consider two factors before choosing On-page Optimization or Off- page Optimization. Because, Search engines evaluate websites based on a number of on- page and off- page Optimization factors. The first is that you should be able to provide search engines what they need and also provide the required information to the users.

Off- page Optimization are the techniques employed by a website which are done “off the web page” to improve its search engine page rank and therefore increase its website traffic. There area number of off-page factors to be considered in off-page optimization.

Please find below Amousia has segregated the activities of the On-page and Off-page Optimization.

On-page Optimization is the process by which elements of a website are so designed such the website qualifies for a high ranking when specific keyword(s) or keyword phrases are typed.

On Page Optimization

Business Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Image Size
Good Keywords (Relevant to business)
Keyword Density
Heading Text
Bold / Italic / Anchor Text / Anchor Title Tag / Image ALT Tag
Keyword / Key phrase Repeat
Title Tag / Meta Tag (Description / Keywords)
Domain Name / Folder Name / File Name
Competitor Analysis
Content Optimization
Code Optimization
HTML Validation, as per W3C Rules
Table Tricks
Site Loading Time
CSS Code
CSS Validation, as per W3C Rules
Link Navigation / Structure

Off Page Optimization

Link Building
One-way Link Building
Search Engine Submissions
Directory Submissions
Business Related Site Submissions
RSS Submissions
Two-way Link Building / Reciprocal Links / Link Exchange
Three-way Link Building
Press Release
Article Postings
Forum Participation
Blog Creation & Postings
Social Bookmark & Site Bookmark
Submit XML / RSS file to Google & Yahoo.

On page optimization is just a part of the optimization process and will not guarantee your website a good ranking unless off –page optimization is also in place.

These both techniques will help you (Newbie)  I know other SEO / SEM guys well known about this factors.

If any one need any more clarification in this regard, please feel free to contact us or leave your comment here.