The Chennai Blogger's Meet - Event High lights!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Chennai Blogger's Meet.

Yah! it was the greatest opportunity to me to attend the Chennai Blogger's Meet at Dee Cee Manor Hotel, T.Nagar on 08-June-2008. It was organized by and Microsoft. According to me this is the First Blogger’s meet, It was really good experience to me, but I wondered really there was 100 and more registered people visited and many others also keep on coming to the Blogger's meet. And the program started by and Lemonade the blogger who initiated the meet, and giving their welcome talk........

They gave the 1 Min to every one to talk about their Blog and it was the lengthiest part in the event. I was also talk about my Amousia blog to the Blogger's Meet. And I like to share about some interesting Bloggers who talking interestingly and their Blog and I got new more friends by Chennai Indiblogger Meet.

1) Ananad -

2) Raamji -

3) A K Rao - &

4) Kiruba Shankar - (I already met him on the SearchCamp program in TIDAL Park, Chennai.)

5) Ananth Narasimhan -

6) Santhana Gopal -

and Interesting blogs


2) random thoughts






After this we all went to the break, i got up and go to have some hot Bhajjis and stuff. After the break we have this, "How well do u know your readers" game.. It was fun..

Then we have out Pesudonym doing a talk on Mobile Blogging (hmm....that’s interesting man...!)...Then the main attraction of the event. The play by the Theatricals group The REBELZ...AwesomE....Yahhh...dude...i couldn't say anything.....because One word is not enough to describe it.....I was not only me...Every one was enjoyed that...

Very Nice meeting you all you guys... :)...Thanks to Indiblogger Team. Thanks Bala (BG) & Reni.


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