About Amousia

Sunday, July 6, 2008

About Amousia

Hi, we are all here to know about Amousia Blog. Dear bloggers, do you know, what is the meaning of Amousia?.

Actually i like to share my knowledge to everyone, but that knowledge should be really useful to all the Blog readers. I am a SEO person, having very good and strong knowledge of On-line Marketing. So, i have decided to share my SEO | SEM | SMO | and other Web marketing tips to all the blog readers.

I have discussed with all my friends to choose a good name for my blog. Hats off to my friends Sundar, Krishna Kumar, Ashok, Sulthan Syed Ahamed, Karthick, Selva & Gayathri for giving me a valuable suggestion on selecting a name "Amousia". We derived this name from Greek Language. In Greek, the meaning of Amousia is "Knowledge" SO, my knowledge is going to become a wealth to all the blog readers.

Thanks to my all loving friends, and we all welcome you to read my Blog.

So, give me your big hand to join with Amousia, and leave your valuable comments over here.