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Monday, July 14, 2008

Good content:

One of the basic ways to achieve one way links is to offer good, unique and useful content to visitors. The moment visitors realize the value and importance of the content of a website, they will be tempted to link to it from their page. The best websites on the internet offering quality content are linked to by many many websites.

Free Content:

Providing free content from a website enables webmasters to utilize this content on their own websites. In the process, a link back to your website is created. Free content can be in the form of articles, E-Books, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), etc.

Directory Listings:

This is one of the best ways to achieve one way links to a website. Submitting websites to directories creates a high value one way link to a website. Directories list websites under various categories and are generally well ranked and with good PR as well so it makes sense to submit websites to as many directories as possible.

Discussion Forums:

Creating posts in discussion forums with a link to your webmaster in the signature creates one way links as well. Ofcourse it is important to check whether the posts of the discussion forums are actually being indexed by the search engines or not.

Write testimonials / Commenting:

If you’ve used a product or service online, you should consider writing a testimonial for the same with a link to your website at the bottom.

Press Release:

This is another best way to create one way links to a website. Submitting press releases to press release websites creates a high value one way link to a website.

Book marking:

For one way link exchange better try some social book marking sites
like digg, stumble, furl, blummy, facebook to name a few good ones.

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